Hair Typing ~ What’s the “Big Deal?”

Since I’ve entered the world of NATURAL HAIR six months ago, one of the FIRST things I did was look for tips on how to care for my hair, from women who had hair closest to MY TEXTURE. Common sense, right? Youtube served to my greatest source in finding kindred naturals with helpful tips, techniques, styles & regimens to help me get a handle on caring for my hair.


One thing I came across was hair typing. It was already obvious that Black Women have different hair types, but I didn’t know there was a chart to break it down. I thought, “Wow this is great! Now I can kinda gage where I’m at & look for products & styles that best compliment MY hair type!” I was quickly able to find videos of women who had a hair texture similar to mine & I was THANKFUL that some woman (or man) out there was clever enough to think of “hair typing” to make my discovery ALOT easier.


 However, as I’ve joined several forums, blogs, & groups on Natural Hair, I’ve come across people who are “hair type haters” and have strong contempt against “hair numbering” “hair typing” & “hair categorizing.” Many have expressed that they feel like it divides us, creating a further wedge between us sistas, ….and some have even gone so far as to say that this kinda thing is “slave mentality.

: /

Now, Imma say this, & sit down:

In my observation, many (not all) of the sistas I hear squawkin’ this nonsense are usually sistas that have what has been commonly known as “good hair.”  YEP…that has been my observation.  Now look, I’m sure that we all want to get away from terms like this to divide & put down what is truly beautiful, no matter what the texture is, but to me, THIS aint it.  I may grab a style or two from a sista w/a looser curl pattern than mine, but for the most part, when it comes to what works for me, the hair products 1-3a naturals use have NOT proven to work for MY hair texture.   No one can debate that.

BE REAL: you know NOBODY’S TEXTURE IS THE SAME. You can’t TELL me that styles & products for women softer, thinner texture hair work well  for women w/more coarse, thick hair. Its just NOT true! Why you think they even MAKE different hair products? Go on …guess.


Could it be because, oh..I dunnoo….OUR HAIR TEXTURES ARE DIFFERENT, but there are MANY ARE SIMILAR & those products generally work for those similar hair types?? Kinda like medicine. Not ALL medicine works for every person w/the same illness, but there has been enough research &  testing to prove that it does WORK for most in similar cases of illness.


Certainly, there is no “fixed” hair product for anyone, but you can’t say, with honesty, that there are products, styles that are easier & work a better for women with SIMILAR hair types. I personally think some of these woman be trying to come off w/some form of false humility as to appear to be diplomatic amongst some circles.  May not be true for everyone, but if it ain’t you, I ain’t talkin’ bout you.  They insincere know who they are! STOP HATING on women who find it helpful. If it don’t matter &  don’t help you, fine. But dont try & discourage someone else who finds value, help & assistance in her hair journey due to hair typing/charts.


Personally, the two charts presented in this blog (above & below)  helped me alot when I was starting out & I would encourage any new Natural to use these as a guide of source that would lead them down the road of natural hair bliss!


Don’t let NOBODY tell you that hair numbering or typing is “wrong.”

If it helps you figure out what works well for YOU, do it.


Enjoy the journey Black Queens…no matter what your texture is, its ALL BEAUTIFUL!

Oh yea, and Im about a 3c in the back & a 4a-c all over my head! LOL!!

(my last bantu twist out before braids)